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About Espresso Parts
EspressoParts.com (Espresso Parts Northwest) is based in Olympia Washington. We have been directly involved in the specialty coffee industry for over 14 years. We strive to learn as much as we can each and everyday so that we can bring our customers the newest innovations and the best equipment, tools and supplies available!
We've said it before and we are sure to say it again. Our friends and customers are the very best folks involved in the espresso and specialty coffee industry. Without them we just would be a run of the mill espresso supplier. All the hard work and sweat they put forth in the trenches in front of the espresso machines and grinders for their art and customers inspires our creativity and innovation. We love you guys!
Creativity & Innovation
We pride our selves on being one of the most innovative and creative companies in the specialty coffee trade. Take a look around and you are bound to find other companies following
in our footsteps selling products that we first bring to the
Espresso World, or even the products we design, develop and manufacture.

Your shopping dollars speak volumes. When you make a
purchase from Espresso Parts you not only get top quality -
top rated coffee gear we stand behind, more importantly you
are making a commitment to help support innovation in the
specialty coffee industry and our dedication to the craft
of espresso.
We may look big but that is because we value the quality of our online and print presence almost as much as we do our carefully selected product lines. We know that our customers appreciate the detailed descriptions, large clean images, and an easy to navigate website with easy to find products. If you have any suggestions for us or our site don't hesitate to drop us a line.
Service Oriented
Espresso Parts is small company that is big on service currently employing 8 full time employees. Our dedicated staff include some of the most creative, knowledgeable and helpful people in the trade today. We want to sell you exactly what it is that you need based on your specific needs, wants and desires. We can help you make informed decisions based on our years of experience in the specialty coffee trade. As innovators, designers, manufacturers and distributors of some of the finest espresso related equipment and supplies available we are pleased to offer our entire catalog here on our website 24/7.

So whether you need quality, well informed advice or are just having a difficult time finding what you are looking for give us a call 1(800) 459-5594. We are here to help you Monday through Friday 8PM to 4PM Pacific Time, however if you find that your need for information does not fall with in our office hours call or contact us anyway and we will be sure to respond to your inquiries in a timely fashion.
Company Background Information
Our parent company Crazee Espresso, Inc. owns and operates espresso bars, and is a partner in a local Puget Sound coffee roastery the Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. We know the world of espresso and coffee very well are practiced and we are excited to share our passion for this business and this art form with you. From all of us at Espressoparts.com we appreciate your support and we thank you for your patronage.
Employee Profiles & Bios
Many of you may already know who we are, have talked to us on the phone, have met us at trade shows, or maybe have even seen us post to a coffee discussion group or forum here and there. For those interested (and we know you are out there) we will be posting some personal bio information on our professional backgrounds in the coffee industry as well as a few other personal tid bits for you to enjoy while surfing our site. If there are any specific things you'd like to see posted email us and we will mostly likely add your suggestion to our list.
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